New Ofcom Campaign Encourages Young People to Flag Problematic Online Content

Ofcom are taking their first steps to protecting internet users from harmful online content, as they make preparations for their new role as online safety regulator.

Their 2022 Online Nation report has revealed just one in six young people flag harmful content online. And Jo Hemmings, behavioural and media psychologist says: “ With young people spending so much of their time online, the exposure to harmful content can unknowingly desensitise them to its hurtful impact.”

Ofcom’s new campaign, which launched at the end of last month, aims to help address this lack of reporting. It will feature TikTok influencer Lewis Leigh, who rose to fame during lockdown with his viral TikTok videos showing him teaching his nan, Phyllis, dance moves.

The campaign aims to show young people that, by taking a moment to stop, think and flag problematic content – rather than scrolling past – they can really make an important difference in helping to keep their online communities safer.

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