Full Fibre Broadband

A revolutionary business broadband service offering the fastest ever speeds at the lowest ever prices


Talk Straight is now partnering with new alternative network providers to bring businesses lightning fast full fibre broadband at our lowest ever prices

Delivering speeds up to 10Gbps, you can say goodbye to slow speeds for good

Easily upgrade to faster speeds when you need them with unprecedented flexibility only paying for what you need, when you need it

Future-proof your connection with fibre as copper networks are phased out

Ideal as your main broadband connection or as a back-up line depending on the size of your business.

Take advantage of as many cloud services as you need without impacting your business’s broadband performance

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    How It Works

    Unlike a traditional FTTC connection where fibre runs only as far as the street cabinet, full fibre uses fibre connecting directly to your business. This provides what is known as Gigabit capable broadband.

    Everything you need to know about Full Fibre

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    Full Fibre Myth Buster

    Myth: Full fibre is expensive

    Full fibre is a cost-effective way to future-proofing your connection to handle the ever increasing demands of modern business.

    Myth: Full fibre is only for large schools

    It’s understandable that small businesses may feel full fibre is unnecessary, but all businesses depend on fast and reliable connectivity in order to provide a high standard of service, from back-office functions such as video conferencing to VoIP telephony.

    Myth: Full fibre connectivity requires a long tie-in

    Many businesses are already getting ahead of the game prior to the copper switch-over and signing into five-year deals. With Talk Straight full fibre, we will cover all carrier installation charges for a contract of as little as three years.  If your current contract isn’t due to expire for a while, there may be incentives available to help – get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to talk through your options.

    Myth: Full fibre requires a complex installation process

    Streamlined processes ensure that installation is quick and easy with minimal disruption. Once your connection is in place, you can easily upgrade to higher speeds or even a dedicated leased line, meaning you’ll also avoid any future installation delays when it’s time for your business to upgrade its broadband connection.

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