Dark Fibre

A revolutionary broadband service providing incredible speeds at affordable prices.


Dark fibre is a high-capacity, dedicated internet connectivity offering a number of benefits for businesses:

High-Capacity Bandwidth: Dark fibre provides high-capacity bandwidth, enabling the transmission of large volumes of data quickly. Speeds can be as high as 100Gbps.

Fast & Responsive: Dark fibre offers very low latency, providing fast, responsive network performance, fantastic for real-time applications such as video conferencing, cloud and data services.

Customisation & Total Control: Dark fibre allows complete customisation of your network configurations to suit your own specific requirements. Giving you total control over network equipment, protocols, and security, this is a dedicated network infrastructure that gives you exclusive access to your own leased line.

Enhanced Security: Businesses have exclusive use of their own leased line so reducing the risk of data interception and unauthorised access associated with shared infrastructure in traditional leased lines or public networks.

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    Straight-Talking Service

    Talk Straight has developed an impeccable reputation in the industry, providing broadband and cyber security services to thousands of schools and businesses since 2007.

    We’re not reliant on third-party support providers, meaning our fully qualified support engineers can provide fast responses and resolutions from our UK based support centre.

    Our network, web filtering and firewall services run on platforms that offer high availability, resilience and redundancy. Everything runs with built-in capacity to offer plenty of room for peak events.

    Unlike some Internet Service Providers, we built, manage and maintain our own core infrastructure. We control our own carrier-grade core infrastructure platform, situated in UK datacentres.

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    Award-Winning Security

    We are immensely proud that our security solutions provide businesses with some of the world’s best protection available. In fact, Talk Straight has been awarded Best Security and Cloud Services five times by the Internet Service Providers Association, some of the highest accolades in the industry.

    Full visibility, granular control and real-time protection against the latest Advanced Persistent Threats

    Email scanning and Data Leak Prevention for GDPR

    Hourly system updates to protect against the latest and most advanced threats

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