Why Talk Straight?

Talk Straight has been looking after the communications and network security for thousands of public and private sector organisations since 2007.

Here’s Why

Secure Communications for every business: From Education to engineering, hospitality to healthcare, retail to recruitment and construction to communications, we serve organisations of all types and sizes.

Reputation: We are recognised as leaders in our field having been awarded “Best in Industry” for Security Services and Customer Solutions five times in four years.

Innovation & Reliability: We’ve been looking after business and education sector connectivity, web filtering and security since 2007 and regular investments continue to keep us at the forefront of technological innovation

Unique & Cost-Effective: Whether you’re looking to reduce your costs, hungry for growth, or looking to take control of your network security, we have a broad portfolio of products to ensure we match the right service to your needs. Best of all, because our services are hosted in the cloud, whatever the size of your business, they’re all a realistic financial choice.

Easy to Implement and Manage: Our cloud based technology means we remove business tech headaches and can take care of everything for you remotely

Friendly & Helpful: With qualified staff at our help centre, our mission is to bring you the best service possible, allowing you to focus on running your business

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