Backup & Recovery

Save on downtime and costs with instant
cloud access to your UK protected data


Providing secure and remote, fully automated backup, recovery and archiving, the Redstor service can restore your data in an instant and reduce your onsite data storage costs.

Find out how to protect your business against a cyber-attack or ransomware infection with a 14 day trial of Redstor.

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    Key Benefits

    Eliminate Downtime: Radically reduce the impact of security incidents, data breaches and hardware failure

    Instant File Retrieval: Be up and running in an instant at the click of a button – no more time-wasting or restoring files and systems from the archive

    Reduce storage & backup costs: The Redstor cloud-based platform requires no expensive onsite hardware, maintenance or licencing costs

    Complete Data Management: Confidently benefit from the latest cloud-based tools with best-of-breed data management and protection from a single point

    Borderless Visibility of your Data: Gain visibility of your entire data estate at any time, on any device, wherever you are in the world

    Easily Evidence Compliance: Easily evidence compliance such as GDPR with policy-driven automation and sophisticated reporting


    Trusted: With over two decades of experience in backup and recovery, Redstor is the number one backup service for businesses

    Data Storage Options: You have the option to keep additional copies of data onsite

    Protected in the UK: Your data is fully protected in Redstor’s UK based, high security, GDPR compliant data centres

    Unified Policy: Provides Office 365 and G Suite data protection

    Free & Speedy Deployment: 15 minutes to deploy with infinite scalability

    UK Based Support: 24 / 7 / 365 UK Support Desk

    For more information please call
    01133 222 333
    or click here to get in touch.
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