Quick look at the benefits

• FortiWiFi appliances are simple to install and simple to manage via the web-based interface

• Each FortiWiFi model can provide true network segmentation for increased security and control, by broadcasting a number of different SSIDs (or Virtual Access Points)

• The wireless coverage in a FortiWiFi network can be easily increased with the addition of FortiAP devices, creating a cost effective wireless LAN infrastructure

• All FortiWiFi models run FortiOS, Fortinet’s purpose-built network security operating system. They leverage FortiASIC “System on a Chip” (SoC), Fortinet’s custom ASIC processor technology, to ensure the most comprehensive and highest performing security platforms

• Sophisticated Traffic Shaping and QoS Capabilities – With traffic shaping (QoS) you can allocate resources to different traffic types to improve performance, stability and latency of application

• Integrated WAN Optimization – Protocol optimization, byte caching, web caching and SSL offloading technology accelerates application response times and reduces network traffic demands

• Network Segmentation Made Simple – Virtual Domain (VDOM) technology allows you to divide your FortiWiFi into two or more independent virtual units, providing Network Segmentation for business needs or to meet compliance requirements

• Easy to Deploy and Manage – Single-pane-of-glass management and remote provisioning simplify deployment and support

• Wireless Coverage Extension with FortiAP – Each FortiWiFi is also a wireless LAN controller, fully supporting wireless LAN coverage extension with the use of external FortiAP Thin Wireless Access Points

• Automatic Security Updates – FortiGuard® security subscription services deliver automated updates to ensure the latest protection against today’s sophisticated threats

• Advanced Threat Protection – The most advanced threat protection in the industry, including firewall, Application Control, IPS, VPN, and Web Filtering, all from one device.


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