Ultrafast Wireless Broadband

New cutting-edge, Ultrafast wireless broadband is set to provide a real boost for homes and businesses struggling in areas with slow broadband connections.

Talk Straight’s Pioneering Fixed Wireless Access delivers lightning-fast internet speeds up to 1,000Mbps without the need for a BT Landline connection.

If you live in a remote rural area and suffer with restricted broadband speeds, the Wireless Mesh technology will make slow speeds a problem of the past.

How can I apply?

Any domestic or business enterprise who needs reliable, fast broadband where it is currently not available, should contact us. We could possibly bring the technology to your area.

If you’re not ready to switch just yet, but have slow broadband, we would still like to identify those areas so would like to hear from you too.


The Government is currently running a Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme to support people living in areas with slow broadband. Some homes are eligible for a grant of up to £1,500 and businesses £3,500. Enter your postcode into the availability checker to find out if you’re eligible:
Post Code Checker

How it works

The wireless signal bounces across above-ground nodes, usually installed on lamp posts throughout the area, blanketing the area in Ultrafast Wi-Fi. A small CPE node is installed on the outside of your property. You then plug in a standard broadband router and you’re ready to go.

Services can be quickly deployed with the benefit of self-healing properties and ultra-low latency.

What our customers say

The Garnett Wharfe housing estate in West Yorkshire is one of the first residential areas in the country to trial Ultrafast Wireless Broadband. You can read more here.

“My daughter finally got to join in her online class today. She absolutely loved seeing her friends and she loved her online lesson.”

- Resident on the Garnett Wharfe estate

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