Wide Area Network

If your business has multiple sites then it makes sense to have a Virtual Private LAN.

A VPLS / WAN allows businesses with multiple sites to privately connect together from anywhere in the UK as if they were on the same Local Area Network (LAN).

This allows workers at different sites to share services and resources over high speed network links (up to 10Gbit).

This simplification of the Network Architecture allows increased flexibility in management and improved efficiency in monitoring. The Network created is effectually a private cloud where traffic is 100% secure and doesn’t touch the public internet.

Virtual LANs are placed between sites using a variety of connectivity methods. Convergence of services is enabled over a single access circuit, with enhanced built-in resilience from adding circuits to one or more sites – without any downtime. Voice, videoconferencing and data can all have allocations with QoS enabled over the network.

Talk Straight can host your servers or create virtual servers for you in our carrier-class data centre, meaning that there’ll be no duplication of multiple on-site servers.

This reduces hardware, licensing and maintenance costs and also gives you the reassurance of disaster recovery. Our core network ensures that the service is monitored proactively and the quality is first rate.




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