Philip Schroeter, Thorite’s IT Manager, explains the challenges for a multi-site business and how telecoms services from Talk Straight have benefited the company.

As the company continued to grow across numerous sites, Thorite found that their existing internet connections and telecoms services were no longer adequate. They looked to Talk Straight to provide them with faster, more secure fibre connections, a new VoIP telephony system, VPN Connectivity and Wi-Fi to support growth, all of which are now used across the business.

All of our internet connectivity is now provided by Talk Straight, including the on-site Fortinet security. Our inter-site VPNs are much more reliable and efficient now that the outdated routers have been replaced with new Fortinet equipment. This not only protects us from external threats, but gives us the ability to allow specific levels of web access to our users with the confidence that inappropriate sites will be blocked.

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