Get your business cyber secure with EU Digital Vouchers

Get your business cyber secure with EU Digital Vouchers

A recent survey conducted by the Institute of Directors showed that business leaders are still not treating cyber-security with the seriousness it requires. Approximately half of all survey respondents said they did not have a cyber security strategy and 40% would not know where to report online fraud if they suffered an attack.(

It’s no-longer just the large corporates that need to act. Businesses and organisations of all sizes are all targets for Cyberattacks. In fact, small and medium sized businesses, whose security defences are often less robust, are easy prey for cybercriminals.

In today’s digital world, where companies rely heavily on the internet for almost every aspect of business, the Institute of Directors liken cyber security to a modern-day equivalent of installing a burglar alarm.

The IoD also reports the Government needs to do more to direct business leaders towards existing schemes and advice, such as Leeds City Council’s EU Digital Voucher Scheme. Funding from the EU Digital Voucher Scheme could pay for a Unified Threat Management Firewall for your business, ensuring its protection against Ransomware and other advanced attacks.

Avoid the catastrophic consequences of a cyberattack. Call now to speak to one of our advisors about protecting your business using the EU Digital Vouchers.