Help your business guard itself against cyber attacks

Help your business guard itself against cyber attacks

With 74% of small businesses suffering a security breach last year, cyber-attacks are still a clear and present danger and as the threats continue to evolve, it’s important that SMEs adapt their security methods to tackle these new dangers.

David Tindall, our managing director provides some tips on how your business can stay secure in cyberspace. Talk Straight is one of just a handful of Fortinet’s accredited managed security service providers in the UK, bringing new standards in internet security for the SME sector.

According to the 2015 HM Government Information Security Breaches Survey, 50% of the worse breaches within the last year were caused by inadvertent human error. Educating your employees on the dangers and the preventative steps that can be taken will immediately lower your risk of suffering a major security and information breach. Every year, more and more SMEs (63%) provide ongoing security awareness training to their staff, hopefully, this trend will continue. If you’re looking for a good resource to start with, try the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills’ survey report.

The tools to tackle cyber-attacks are worth their weight in gold. The average price of a single breach is continuing to soar, with damage to a small business costing anywhere between £75k and £311k. For a larger business, that cost can rise into the millions. Upgrade and improve your defences and ask your current ISP about managed security services (MSS).

With an established monitoring strategy and supporting policies, your SME will be better prepared. A sudden and irregular change in network traffic is often a key indicator of an attack. Monitoring your web traffic is a useful habit to get into. It allows you to quickly identify unusual levels of activity and take the appropriate action. Your ISP will be able to monitor and alert you to security threats.

59% of businesses expect to suffer more security incidents in the next year. This can be due to a number of external circumstances, but perhaps the most common is that without staying abreast of developments, the ever-changing and evolving nature of cyber-threats can leave your business vulnerable. Be aware of the changes and potential new threats.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a cyber-attack, reacting properly and swiftly can save your business time and money. Do you have protocols in place? If so, do your staff understand them? Offsite back-ups and mirrored servers are just a couple of methods you can utilise to help prevent irreversible loss of data.

Deborah Marshall